Conflict management for sustainable development

Conceptul cheie care face legatura indisolubilă între managementul conflictelor şi dezvoltarea durabilă este CONSTRUIREA CONSENSULUI Managementul conflictelor bazat pe cei trei piloni de bază – prevenirea, analiza şi respectiv rezolvarea conflictelor, poate contribui substanţial la dezvoltarea durabilă, bazată pe alţi trei piloni de bază – dezvoltarea economică, social/culturală şi ecologică. Sunt de menţionat două documente […]

Consensus building resembels directing an orchestra

Consensus is defined as “A general accord established after discussions and consultations, usually without resorting to voting “, according to Dictionary of Conflict Resolution, Douglas H. Yarn, ed. Jossey-Bass c. 1999. Consensus implies that, in stead of trying to reach their aim through batle, arguing, strike, judiciary actions or orders emitted by the authorities etc., […]

Stop shooting lawyers!

Once upon a time was a law “regarding mediation and the organisation of mediator’s profession” in România, which just passed its “seven years from home”, but already suffered numerous plastic surgeries (so called improvements), including through Emergency Ordinance from the Government. The law from 2006 didn’t just appear out of thin air – it was the […]