Training of mediators among the staff of the Ministry of External Affairs

Following an acquisition process for services regarding the training, evaluation and certification of acquired competences by 20 employees, organised by the Ministry of External Affairs (MAE), which started in july, this year, ALMARO Training will train twenty mediators in “Course of mediators’ training”, between november and december 2014,   at MAE headquarters.

Is noteworthy that those who manage a good part from the international relationships of Romania showed themselves interested in mediation as an alternative to dispute relolution.

The course is held by ALMARO Training team -Adrian Bădilă şi Ana Bălan. The course is certified by the Mediation Council (Decision nr. 2668/2011 according to Law nr. 192/2006 to day, regarding mediation and organisation of the mediator’s profession and to Mediator’s Training Standard) and the Ministry of Work, Family, Social Protection and Elderly Persons and the Ministry of National Education through the Authorization for Professional Training for Adults Supplier, seriers B, nr. 0004938 / 2011.

We appreciate the interest shown by MAE as a gain for sustaining and development of mediation and the profession of mediator in Romania, with impact in an area devoted to the art of diplomacy.

ALMARO Training Team