Mission, objectives and targeted group

ALMARO Training SRL is an active member of Commerce and Industry Chamber of Bucharest.


The Company’s mission is to train specialists from the bussiness sector, public administration and NGO in the field of conflict management.

Our objectives are:

  • Using mediation as an alternative to dispute resolution;
  • Increasing the expertise level of managers in the field of sustainable development and/or conflict management;
  • Improving organisational management in the public administration;
  • Increasing the general quality of life.

We are reaching for these objectives by fulfilling the tasks for our clients, thus bringing benefits to both companies and comunities, changing behavior and attitudes of the consumers, influencing policies and stimulating research.

ALMARO Training provides training services and consultancy for public and private organisations, for ensuring the necessary competence to identify and implement solutions for sustainable development, and for persons whom wish to train as a mediator.

Targeted Group

ALMARO Training provides training and consultancy for public and private organisations, encouraging the identification of sustainable development solutions and competitiveness growth. We provide training to help organisations to reach the development objectives.

ALMARO Training emphasizes on the individual expertise growth and the capacity development of public and private organisations. We work with companies or individuals to increase their expertise the the fields of: conflict management (conflict analysis, mediations, facilitation), human resources management, public policies, sustainable development, energy and environment.

Data about ALMARO Training

ALMARO Training SRL offers training and consultancy services, registered in The Commerce Registry with  J40/21368/2006.

ALMARO Training SRL hs been reorganised in 2010 with the absorption of ALMARO CONSULTING SRL (J40/8235/2003).

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